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Soul Purpose Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to find, within the story of your life, the missing pieces of your TRUE story—the one in which you are the hero who turns tragedy into triumph and overcomes the odds—the story that reflects the truth of who you really are.

Welcome to your Soul Purpose Quest…

We will be traversing the stepping stones of purpose and your destination is a life of more meaning and a higher purpose in which you live in alignment with our gifts and fulfill your potential guardi qui.

The people who participate in this program come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, religions, and experiences. Regardless of your belief system or background, we can all agree on one thing: there is great meaning in life. But the trick is that we have to seek it in order to find it.

We all come to this earth with a higher purpose. Every life matters. But here’s the catch… when we’re born we forget why we’re here, and our lives are the journey to rediscovering our soul’s purpose.

You may not be able to change what happened in the past, but you can change the way you look at your past and change the story you tell about it. Everything might not have been perfect, but everything that has unfolded has provided you with the lessons, the abilities, the tools, and the desires you need in order to live your destiny.

Along the Soul Purpose Journey we’ll be putting together the 6 key pieces that will reveal your soul and life’s purpose. We refer to them as the stepping stones of purpose. Just like stepping stones across a river create a path to get you where you want to go, you will see that these elements from your life all line up to carry you to where you’ve always been heading.

The first stepping stone is CHILDHOOD, where you’ll examine your childhood influences and the roles you learned to play on the stage of life.

The second stepping stone is PERSONALITY, where you’ll explore your natural inclinations, temperament, and preferences to help identify for what you are best suited.

The third stepping stone is PASSIONS, where you’ll explore what you have been passionate about, both as a child and an adult, as well as how to “find your passion” by developing your interests.

The fourth stepping stone is TALENTS, where you’ll explore your natural gifts as well as the skills you’ve acquired over your lifetimes that have uniquely prepared you to reach your potential.

The fifth stepping stone is your LIFE PATH, where you’ll reflect on your life-changing experiences and meaningful coincidences that brought you right where you need to be.

The sixth stepping stone is BELIEF, where you’ll banish limiting beliefs and remove any final obstacles from your path.

Throughout the workshop you will be putting all 6 of these elements together to tell the story of your purpose quest. Then, after you’ve explored every area, you’ll complete your journey by revealing the life purpose that everything has been leading you to. And finally, you’ll rewrite your life story, including writing the next chapter and creating a vision of you fulfilling your destiny.