Brad McMahon - Reiki Master and Energy Worker

Bradley McMahon (Brad) has always enjoyed working with life force energy. And this desire to learn more has taken him down many rewarding paths, and a deeper desire to understand more of how life force energy can impact our world on all levels.

Brad grew up in a Christian-based home environment, and in his adult years, he began exploring energy and healing work in a number of modalities. These include Pranic Healing, Shamanic Journeying, Siedr, and Usui Reiki, and Reiki Solas which includes ancient Reiki practices and advanced Eastern Yoga techniques from a variety of countries.

He is a practicing Vitki, and practitioner of Seidr, which is a shamanic path in the Northern traditions. He is also an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Reiki Solas Master/Teacher, Certified Life Coach, as well as an NLP and CBT practitioner.

Having apprenticed under various individuals over the last 15 years, learning and being guided along the way, his healing practice incorporates various modalities, with Reiki as the base. All life is energy, and in healing we allow the energy to flow where it is needed most.
Just as he continues to learn, grow, and experience the amazing energy that is the life force energy, it is his desire for you to experience more in your life. We are all students in life, and we walk a constant path of change and growth.

The Four Stages of Personal Growth

We are all spiritual beings. And we have the potential within to embrace our Life Purpose. It is up to us to step up, and make the choice to find our purpose, and embark on the journey of a lifetime, that is the discovery of our life’s purpose. We all begin this journey in much the same way, but as we experience life, we are offered choices – and we can choose to maintain the status quo, or we can step up, and take the challenge of understanding why we are here. What is our Life’s Purpose. And when we begin to live our life’s purpose, we will begin to live fulfilled lives in all areas. And we can make the biggest impact on the world around us.

Formal Training

Working with life force energy is a growth path. And the more we work with it the more we begin the experience and understand it better. However, we all can learn from others, and be trained and gudied by others along our journey. Sometimes this learning takes the form of an apprenticeship or a mentorship, and other times it can be in a more formal setting. Below are the results of some of the more formal training I have undertaken on my path of discovery.