The Radio of the Mind

We are often told that our thoughts are not who we are. They are not our own. That the chatter of the mind is just that, chatter.

But I look at the thoughts that come through as a radio, with many stations. Some stations are filled with good positive reinforced messages, and others full of bad and useless infomercials, and the random waffling of second rate Dj’s trying to make it in the world.

The art is to use mindfulness to train your brain to listen to the right station, and tune out of the waffle.

Our thoughts are a reflection of our beliefs, which have been embedded deep within our unconscious mind. And if we tune into the waffle stations we end up re-enforcing our own limiting beliefs. But if we can learn to tune out of these, and into the uplifting positive stations, we can change our lives, and begin to understand how we live a fulfilled life of abundance.

Learning to still our minds, and then looking within to find the true nature of who we are, who we were when we came into this world, before the “programming managers” of our lives started to fill us with our limiting beliefs, is when we begin to empower ourselves to new levels.

There are many techniques for understanding the Belief systems we have acquired, and others for helping to change and reset those limiting beliefs. And every coach has their preferred tool in their toolbox.

But as with all changes, we must be prepared to step out in faith, believing that we have it within ourselves to be the change we want to see in our lives. And yes, those first steps will cause a little unsettling, maybe even stress, but once you know you have set a new path, you will find it liberating, and empowering.

I encourage you to take that step, and become free from limiting beliefs, step out and make a change. You will never regret it. TRUTH.